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Welcome to the Life Tools community. Where you will have access to the tools and the resources you need to optimize your efforts to accomplish your goals.


Many want to change their lives but either don’t know where to start or what resource they can turn to. Finding the support to motivate their efforts and turn what they want into a reality is hard. Here at Fullrliving, we offer the support, the tools you need to start and stay on your path to transformation.

In this community, you will find a range of tools, starting with our self-development toolbox portal, which offers a series of free resources to get you started.

Are you ready? If you haven’t done so already register to become a part of our community, this will open the door to the free resources and other impactful tools to strengthen your efforts.

One can choose to go back towards safety or forward towards growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; we must overcome fear again and again.”

Our Resource for change

Our life tools are the resource you need to achieve the results you want. Let us be your support and motivation for change.


Tools to help you achieve what you want.

In the SD toolbox, you will find other toolboxes to help you need to achieve the things you want. Whether it’s for health, career or personal growth, each toolbox offers the information, the tools, and the motivation you need to make it happen.

Our goal is to offer the support you need for every facet of your journey to improve your life.


With the selective goal challenge, your goals will move from your mind and paper to reality.

Are your goals clearly defined? Do you have a simple strategy to achieve them? What are the steps? Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Here is what the challenge is about. You identify a goal, your strategy to achieve it, and actionable steps to make it happen. Then you take 2 of those actionable steps and show us how you achieved them.

If we like your strategies, your commitment, and can clearly see the hard work, we will reward your efforts with two gifts. 

What Others Say


I’ve worked with Merlene to deal with circumstances that kept me from finding a job that was right for me. When you have confidence issues and you don’t realize your worth, it’s hard to see your true potential. I’m not fully there, but with her help, I achieved something I never thought I would. Thanks so much.

Jenna Murkeson 

/Admin Assistant


It’s hard to believe that I would ever find someone who would understand what it means to be underappreciated. When you are around people you’ve known your whole life, and they tell you the sky is yellow, you believe it. Hearing that it’s okay to have a different perspective is a gift from god. You will never know how much I appreciate you.

Georgia Clark

/ Mother

Prepare To take the next step

The commitment of a challenge or accessing the resources in the portal can be a big step. Want to support your decision to use these tools to make the changes you want? Then start here.

Use this Prepare Workbook to recognize what you want to achieve with either the Self-Development Toolbox and or the Selective Goal Assessment. Identify your aspirations, then proceed with a plan to achieve what you identified.

What we are about…

Our goal is to help anyone interested in living their best lives through personal development. This page, and the resources offered here, is one way we are fulfilling our aim. You can read the content we share, read more about us starting with the links on this very page. We want to help others like you trying to make a difference in your evolving life and in the world.

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