You have the power to change lives

When I started Evolving Life podcast, I wanted it to be about sharing the life experiences of others.

I don’t need to tell you, we all live a life that is constantly changing. As our life progress, we have experiences, and we learn lessons along the way that are valuable. I believe if we share these valuable lessons, we can affect the lives of others in positive ways.

Some of these ways include sharing our experiences. We can help others gravitate through potential similar situations you’ve experienced. We can also help others by inspiring them.

The potential to help by simply sharing your story is such a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of others.

A Chance To Get A Free Self-Improvement Resource

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It's a three-step process to qualify. Get a valuable resource you can use to enhance your self-improvement journey. Here is what's involved:

Be a guest on Evolving Life

Schedule and share your experience with Evolving Life Podcast.

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Leave a comment on any podcast episode or blog post.

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Ready to share your story?

Then let's talk. Click the link below to schedule a pre-interview with me. Let's talk about what you have to share, the and impact you want to make. I know your story will inspire because there is always someone experiencing something similar. Let's work together to be a source of inspiration for anyone in need of a little motivation.

about your free gift

Fullrliving and Evolving Life Podcast is about sharing how to live your best life. A journal, whether electronic or paper, is a great tool to document your life, and the path you take to achieve the things you want in it. The Penzu Journal is an excellent tool to use whether you've journaled all your life, or just beginning.

What I hope is that the incentive you seek isn't the journal but the opportunity to affect the lives of people you've never met who may benefit from your motivation. Click here to register for the free gift, and for the additional steps for eligibility. Note that although the giveaway page states you can choose one way to register, you must complete all steps to be a part of the raffle.

More Specifics…

  1. 1
    Step 1:

    Visit Fullrliving.com/your+story to register for the raffle and complete the steps for eligibility. Remember, you must subscribe to the podcast or newsletter, give a podcast comment and follow on Instagram. Please send a screenshot showing your follow on Instagram to yourstory@fullrliving.com.
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    Step 2:

    Follow the link above to schedule a date and time for your pre-interview. The purpose of the pre-interview is to talk about your life story and what you want to share.
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    Step 3:

    Complete a scheduled interview for an upcoming episode of Evolving Life. I conduct all interviews over Zoom.

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