Motivation, Take It To The Next Level

Never worry about action, but only inaction. – Winston Churchill

As much as we are authentic in the way we live, one thing we all share is a certain amount of motivation. We all have something we want to achieve, whether it’s goals we want to meet, or even our daily tasks. The desire of wanting to meet these objectives is what motivation is about.

Something happens when we try to meet an aim that’s taking too long, or if we face a setback. Instead of taking determined steps, we spend a lot of time thinking. As a result, we neglect doing what’s needed to reach our goals. While a lot of us spend valuable time wishing and wanting, a small percentage of us choose to do something more.

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Motive And Action

If taking action was easy, there would be a lot more of us in this world claiming success. In actuality, only the few can claim this distinction. Few can claim it because it takes continuous, sustained effort to achieve our goals. In fact, it’s so hard, we rarely realize progress is not happening. What we are, in fact, doing is what Ernest Hemingway calls going through the motion.

Never mistake motion for actionErnest Hemingway

If we want to make progress, we should know when our efforts are really effective. One way to make sure is to understand the difference between motivation and actually taking action.

Examples of Motivation vs. Action

The examples below are from

  • If I outline 20 ideas for articles, I want to write, that’s motion. If I actually write and publish an article, that’s action.
  • If I email 10 new leads for my business and start conversations with them, that’s motion. If they actually buy something and turn into a customer, that’s action.
  • If I search for a better diet plan and read a few books on the topic, that’s motion. If I actually eat a healthy meal, that’s action.
  • If I go to the gym and ask about getting a personal trainer, that’s motion. If I actually step under the bar and start squatting, that’s action.
  • If I study for a test or prepare for a research project, that’s motion. If I actually take the test or write my research paper, that’s action.

It’s so important to not just focus on our goals, but to take actionable steps towards achieving them. The examples show the difference between being in motion and actually taking steps.


How do we turn motives into action?

Here are six suggestions that can help us move towards taking action. These suggestions can help us if we want to accomplish the things we are determined to do. Only by taking action can we achieve our goals.

Get out of your head

Stop thinking of what could go wrong. Fear keeps us in the planning phase of meeting our goals and away from taking action. If we get out of our heads and let go of fear, we are more likely to do what it takes to achieve our goals.


To realize the goals we set, two things need to happen. We need to commit, and we need to clarify our intentions. It’s important to have clarity and commitment or risk not doing what’s important.

Create S.M.A.R.T. goals

S.M.A.R.T. goals are goals that’s specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. When we set S.M.A.R.T goals, we succeed at focusing on our goals by creating the framework needed to achieve those goals. When we choose to use this structure, we ensure a genuine commitment to doing what it takes to succeed.

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Start small

So many factors influence our efforts when trying to achieve our goals. It’s bad enough to fear failing, but bringing feelings of overwhelm into the mix can be detrimental. It’s yet another deterrent preventing us from taking the steps needed to achieve our goals. One way to offset this obstacle is to take small steps towards our goals. When we start small, we lessen our fears and are more likely to focus on what we need to reach our goals.

Change your attitude

When we find ourselves in motion instead of taking action, consider your attitude. Our attitude relates to different aspect of our lives. It’s a direct result of experiences, low self-esteem, even our fears. Attempt to realize your mindset when approaching your goals. A negative attitude can prevent us from making progress.

Create milestones and set rewards

When we set milestone, we acknowledge our progress. And, we make noticeable advancements towards our efforts. We are more likely to advance our objectives if we recognize and honor our efforts.

The path to success is to take massive, determined action. – Tony Robbins


There is no question, massive action is what’s needed to meet our objectives. Without a large amount of effort, we become stagnant. When we idle, we are simply going through the motion instead of moving towards our true purpose. Start today. Take your achievement to the next level, taking massive, purposeful action.