What does living an authentic life mean?

Or perhaps a better question might be how to live authentically? The answer will be different for each of us and will have a different meaning as well. I love this definition on the website Psychcentral.com. They describe being authentic as coming from a place within. It’s when our actions are congruent with our beliefs and values.

Most of us have a hard time understanding what it means to live authentically because its meaning is not precise. What I consider living authentically will differ from what you consider it to be. From person to person, the answer will always be different.

So what is the general meaning of what it is to live authentically?

It’s embracing who you really are, and what you truly believe and living in accordance to what feels right for you. The definition is so simple, but for many of us, it’s hard to adapt for many reasons. Some self-imposed. Others, society imposed, or simply because of the way we were raised.

Here is the thing, we live in a society that judges according to their personal standards and if you choose to live beyond their understanding of what’s quote, unquote, normal, then you are an enigma, or something is wrong with you, or you need help. It’s a double standard we all must live with because chances are, these same individuals who judge are not looking within to judge or monitor themselves.

Regardless of how others may consider you, living authentically is a standard we should all pursue, regardless of the judgements and lack of empathy. I’m going to share an example and a few tips on living authentically.

1. Stop trying to please everyone

Trying to offer a different version of yourself to please others is exhausting. Being truly authentic is saying, “This is me, whether or not you like it.”

2. Trusting your intuition

Without a doubt, it’s scary when you choose to live your truth, to blaze your own trail and trust your own instincts. But to do so would mean being happy in your own life. Why would you want anything less?

3. Focus on forming a connection with peers, not impressing them.

It’s simple, really. Life is about laughter, love, happiness, and forming memories with the ones you love and cherish. Not living up to the expectation of those who shouldn’t matter.

4. Be indifferent to the actions of others

You can’t live authentically if you are constantly thinking about and worrying about what others are saying and doing.

  • Instead of reacting to what others are saying, act out of your own power.
  • Live according to your expectations, not other peoples.
  • Be a leader, not a follower.

The bottom line is this. It’s your life. Choose how to live it.

5. Finally, embrace your choices

You will literally drive yourself crazy by adjusting and adapting your life to what others expect and see as lacking or complex in your life. Ignore them. Embrace your complexity, your reality. It’s what makes you who you are.


I would love to know how you live authentically, and which of these five tips or any that have led to your authentic life.