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You are interested in being a contributor for Fullrliving? We are happy to hear that. Please read our process below.


While Fullrliving is just building its readership, we hope that with time this site will develop the following that will garner the attention of more writers like you. A decision to write for Fullrliving at the beginning of 2021 and during our startup phase will be a decision contingent on trust that this site will grow and there will be many web visitors that will see your post.


Contributing to Fullrliving

For Article Submission

Even though the audience for the site is currently small, the Guidelines for post and video submission is extensive. Regarding article submission, we are looking for the articles related to personal development. Please browse the site to see the categories. This will help to determine the type of content we are looking for. We prefer that all articles fall within the major categories listed. Upon submission and if accepted, our editor will assign your content to a subcategory based on what the article is about.

For Video Submissions

We would love original videos relating to any categories on the site. Videos submission can be a link from your YouTube channel. We only ask that your submission are respectful and inspirational. We know others share experiences you may have and would love to know what was your roadblock and what you did to remove what was standing in the way of your success.

For Community submissions

As mention in our Start Here page, we welcome our community contribution to this site. Your contribution could be an inspirational saying or quote, a short video or audio. While your submission will not be as stringent as our contributors, we will carefully review your submission. If you want to make sure we use your content, consider following the guidelines above for written content that is over 250 words.

Please Note…

We read all submission to determine its value regarding the focus of Fullrliving; the review process takes two to three weeks. If after the third week you haven’t heard from us, conclude that we will not publish the submission. If you wish, you can submit another article for us to review. We will not accept the same content for a second review.

Guidelines For Submission


If still interested in submitting a post, please follow the steps below.

  • Please make sure your post is between 800-1200 words.
  • The post must be an original and has never published online before. We will check your article to confirm its plagiarism free.
  • Please submit all content in word or google docs. If using google docs, make sure you share with @fullrliving, and the document is in edit mode. This will allow us to view and edit the post.
  • Please proofread and grammar check your post. If it’s determine during the review process that the article has an exorbitant amount of errors, we will reject it.
  • Please do not include any links to your website, product or services in the article’s body.
  • You must submit a short bio with article submission.
  • Along with the short bio, please include your Gravatar. If you’ve never created one, here is the link. Please include the email address you used to create the Gravatar.

Why write a guest post for us?

If approved, you can include two nofollow links in your bio. It could be a link to your website, a product or service you offer. These two links offer the opportunity to expand your brand, improve your online authority, and fortify your website back link.


We want you to be successful with this submission process because it will not only benefit our site, but yours as well. So, please follow the guidelines above to submit your content and read the FAQ’s below to answer any other potential questions. If you don’t find the answers, then use the form below to submit your questions.

Ready to contribute a post?

Please send your attachment to @fullrliving.com, we look forward to seeing your article on fullrliving.com


Please check below for answers to questions you may have. If we haven’t addressed your concerns on this page, use the form below to get in touch.

Is it okay to submit an article that’s more than 1200 words?

Unfortunately, no. We will reject any submission over 1200 words. When our readers open a post to read, our goal is to maintain their interest. We believe a post longer that 1200 words may not benefit our page views.

May we recommend focusing on making your subject succinct and impactful in its presentation?

What format should the article be in?

We prefer that you submit your article in plain text, or as little formatting as possible. If we decide to publish your submission, our editor will format the article to fit the style of our site.

Should I provide an image with the article?

You can include an image if you wish. However, our preference is that you don’t. 

If you choose to submit an image, please know that Fullrliving may choose to use another image if we feel it would best represent the content you submitted.  In addition, you must have the legal right to use the image you submit. Please do not offer any image you copied from another site without permission.

I know you don’t accept previously publish articles, but what about if it was only posted on social media?

Any content put on any social media platform is published, and therefore would not qualify for submission.

Can I mention my company in the article?

You can mention a company name, you cannot link to the company. All submission must be free of any link in the text’s body. It is within our discretion to determine if your mention and placement are within the parameters of our guidelines. If we determine your mentions are out of place, we will reject the post.

How long can my author bio be?

Your bio can be between 125-150 words.

Please try to be as poignant as possible in your presentation. This is also where you can include 2 links. Choose if you want to link to your site, a product, etc.

Do I have to create a Gravatar account?

Yes. A profile picture with your author bio is a must, if we choose your article to publish. We will also need the email address used to create the Gravatar. If you don’t have one already, here is the link.

Can I request that my article is not changed or edited?

No. Any submission will be thoroughly reviewed and edited where necessary. If this is not okay, please do not submit your article.

What if I change my mind about publishing an article I submitted?

Unfortunately, once your article is in our inbox, we will not honor any request to take back the submission. Your submission will go through our publishing process if chosen.

What do you offer? follow or nofollow link?

As a norm, we only use nofollow links. However, we consider follow links, which are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please use the contact form below to contact us with your request.

Do you have a writers guide to reference?

Yes. Our writer’s guide is available here.

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