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Start HereWe’re glad you’re here, and hope this site will be a resource to guide you towards living your best imaginable life. The purpose of this site is not just to share any information about self-development, but to provide key insight to actualize your best self. We all have unambiguous areas in our lives we either want to improve or get rid of all together. Fullrliving recognizes that money, health and a few other areas are a point of contention in our lives that fall into those unambiguous areas. We are either trying to make more money, to lose a few pounds, or myriad of other subjective areas we yearn to change. One thing isn’t subjective, we all want to live better and this site can help by sharing resources you can use to make it happen.

This site is organized by categories. Each category offers information on various that addresses you may find identifiable. You’ll notice that all the categories are not typical. Although their meaning is emblematic of what the site is about. For example. Kaizen. It is the category title for improving your life. The word itself has a specific meaning. It’s a Japanese business philosophy meaning “Change for the better,” “Continuous improvement.” If you are a student of self-development, I’m sure you’ll agree this philosophy doesn’t just apply to business practices. It applies to life. After all, isn’t changing for the better, or improving our lives what we all want to achieve?


Below is a list of Fullrliving’s unique categories with explanation. You can click on each link to go to that category page where you will find posts, audios, or any resource related to what that category represents.

Kaizen – Explained above, this category will focus on ways you can continuously improve your life. You will find thoughts, tips, posts on personal growth, lifestyle, relationship, spirituality and more.

Paper – Money is money, no matter what term you use. I love this urban slang version because it’s a little familiar, yet a not so familiar word to represent the money we need to make anything happen. This section will focus on making money, saving money, and spending money.

Toolz – The purpose is to offer insight on technology, which could include applications that can improve your lifestyle. Books that can also enrich your life. Technology overall because the owner of this site is a technology junkie and will introduce anything that’s exciting to share.

Life Hacks – I love Wikipedia’s definition of this category. Here it is: A life hack is any trick, shortcut, skills, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency in all walks of life.

Envo – This category will focus on the environment. A topic that’s relevant today as the air we breathe, because tomorrow we want to live in a world that’s not ravished by bad choices made today.

Vitality – Like the environment, our bodies and mind need to be nurtured. This category will share advice on your well-being. Expect information our physical and mental health, the food we eat, and what we can do to keep our bodies moving.

Newz – This is the only category that will not have sub-categories. On this page, you will find current news that relates to the objectives of this site.


Finally, you will find the resource pages.

Read more about Fullrliving – The introduction above mention why the site was created. The about us page elaborate on our why.

Contact Fullrliving – To share your thoughts, offer suggestion, or just to say hi. We would love to hear from you. Tell us what we are doing right and where we may have missed the mark.

Write for us – There is an official page for anyone interested in writing for Fullrliving. However, you don’t have to be a writer to want to share your story. It also doesn’t have to be words you write, it can also be a video. If we use your story or video, we will give you credit for it on the site. Visit the write for us page and choose the options relating to audience submission.

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