Recognize And Move Beyond Stagnation

How do we move beyond stagnation? Consider this quote: “Are you green and growing or ripe and rotten.”  It’s the perfect metaphor for being stagnant and it’s such an easy trap to fall into.  We go through life wanting to see our accomplishments and fall short because... read more

The Key To Harness Flow

Flow, how do you find it?  A question most of us never ask. flow isn’t something we think about, and a lot of us don’t even know what it is, but flow can be something we’ve experienced at some point in our lives.   Ask athletes what it means to be in the flow or... read more

Charting The Path To Personal Power

Path to personal power can be simple, yet difficult.  It’s simple for some because they adopt the challenges needed to accomplish  goals and actually make things happen.   While the path to personal power is easy for a few, many must focus on building the... read more

5 Offbeat Ways to Rev Up Your Motivation

Motivation, that elusive feeling we sometimes have trouble maintaining. It’s easy to suddenly feel motivated but so hard to preserve it. When we have an idea, a plan or anything that involves unmet desires, we usually create a plan for those desires and motivation is... read more

Taking Action -The Next Step After Motivation

I never worry about taking action, only inaction. As much as we are authentic in the way we live our lives, one of the things we all share is some degree of motivation. We all have something we want to accomplish, goals we want to meet, or something we want to succeed... read more

Understand And Reclaim Personal Power

Understanding Personal Power Those of us who strive to develop personal power may know of Anthony Robbins.  In fact,  when we think of personal power, his teachings may come to mind.  It’s hard to not be inspired when he talks about finding unlimited personal power.... read more
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