Are You Always Losing Stuff? Apple AirTag To The Rescue.

In a few days, April 30th, to be exact, one of Apples newest release will be their solution for those who seem to always lose their stuff. Introducing Apple AirTag. This new technology is another component to integrate your Apple products for seamless living. 

One of the reason Apple products grow more popular each year has a lot do with their simplicity, functionality, and ease of use. This new device joins Siri to prove that apple wants to help its users live flawlessly.

Apple AirTag works with your iPhone

I’ve attached above a YouTube video that explains in details the functionality and use of the AirTags. I’m sure you will want to get one of these convenient tech tools to make your life simpler.

Here is a recap of the AirTag

  • It will cost $29 to own this device, but you will need to spend a little more to secure it the way you want. See the video above.
  • Your iPhone paired with your AirTags is the key to its functionality. But it only works with iPhone 11 or later.
  • Using the Find My feature of the iPhone, you will have a network of millions working together to find your lost item.
  • Apple states the AirTags will work with Android phones as well. It just won’t work the same way it would when paired with an Apple phone. If your non-apple device is NFC-enabled and your AirTag is in lost mode, the owner of the Android device can hold the tag up to the device and it will display the owner’s contact information.
  • Apple says they cannot track you with this device. They say they do not store your location data and history. In fact, it’s encrypted, so Apple won’t be able to access your data. 
  • AirTags discourage unwanted tracking. In fact, if an AirTag you don’t own is in your possession, your iPhone will notice and alert you.

Read more about this new tech tool on the apple website, besides viewing the above video. If you decide to purchase this device, share your experience below.