If you are like most people today, the corona virus is affecting you. For some, it’s not just a job loss, but potentially someone you know who may have lost a life because of this deadly virus. If you are fortunate enough to not be tragically affected, and traits like lacking  self-confidence isn’t holding you back, then other factors like staying safe, not contracting the virus and making money is what’s important.

Scrambling to find money is a way of life these days, and chances are you are looking for a source of income or a way to supplement what you currently have. Here is the good news: It’s possible to make money during this pandemic. It involves being inventive, thinking out of the box, and being flexible about your choices. Keep reading to realize ways you can make money during these tumultuous times.

The First Step…

Before listing the ways to make money even in a pandemic, the first step to consider is the expenditures you have right now. The best thing you can do about these expenses is to develop a plan for your recurring expenses, knowing that funds are short right now. A plan may comprise taking steps to close or temporarily suspend accounts you can do without right now. For example, lowering your cable subscription plan, etc. The point is to see where you can save money, or prevent waste. By using this time to plan, strategize and implement new strategies, you will be one step ahead and ready to use the extra income you can make from the ideas presented below to stay soluble during these unpleasant times.

1. Investments

Throughout the past months, it seems the stock market has remained constant with growth. There have been very few instances to think of where stocks plunged to a dangerous low. Let’s consider bonds, CD and mutual funds. If you have some funds stashed away, investing in one of the three right now is probably a wise idea. These types of investments can deliver an additional income stream. While it’s not advisable to invest long-term, you can invest conservatively to receive reliable dividends.

2. Focus On Business Demands Emerging From Today’s Climate

A part of survival is learning how to adapt and pivot towards the need and demands of the consumer. While some demands may over flourish, there are other necessities you can focus on that may help to net a profit. Business that have a need or emerging are:

Virtual healthcare

Because of COVID-19 telemedicine has stepped to the forefront of the healthcare industry. Patients need to communicate with their doctors, and doctors must engage with their patients because it’s not always possible to meet face-to-face. What can you do to leverage the opportunities that video healthcare presents?


You would think that it’s because of the pandemic that online learning ignited. However, that’s not the case. Even before the pandemic, this trend has been growing. For the past decade, the effectiveness and value of learning online have been growing. In fact, studies show that the internet has become the favorite place to learn. How can you take advantage of this trend? You just need to check your inbox. How many emails have you received this past week inviting you to sign up for a course offered by online companies such as Stack Skills, Shaw Academy, or many others selling courses on building a business on using software on your computer. The options are endless. Using the internet to teach is growing faster and more commonplace. Why not stay at home and create a course you too can promote online to make money?

Tech & Entertainment

Another industry that’s growing and has enhanced even more because of COVID is the entertainment industry as it relates to technology. Whether it’s an alluring game, a dating app, or even a productivity app. Applications created to solve a problem or to entertain have been trending. While entering this market to make money is not an easy feat, it is possible and if done successfully can create a passive income.

3. Sell Stuff

There are so many resources online that recommend selling your stuff to make money. Personally, I don’t advocate selling personal stuff. Chances are, you don’t really have a lot to sell. Sure, there are those who have a lot more than they need, and selling the jeans you haven’t worn in years, or the laptop that was replaced years before, is a good idea. Still, I believe most don’t have stuff sitting around and will forgo any recommendation to sell their stuff. But what if it’s not your stuff to consider selling? What if you can find stuff to sell that has nothing to do with your closet? There are so many options out there to consider Here are just two:

Amazon FBA–If you haven’t heard of Amazon and this amazing program, it’s worth looking into and even getting a course, or even creating a course on how to use Amazon to sell stuff and make money. In fact, I’ll link to one of the course offered by Stack Skill, as mention in the e-learning section above.

Click bank–This program is another option you can use to sell stuff online. ClickBank is more for selling electronic items, and it would help tremendously if you already have a following online. Done right, you can make money with Click bank. They also offer training on how to build a business with them.

4. Freelance

Freelancers have accounted for 39% of the workforce in America. That’s 59 million people providing skilled services such as marketing, writing, consulting, and so much more. It’s not surprising that there has been a tremulous shift in the job market for freelancers because of COVID-19. Whether you had to quit your day job or you voluntarily left your job because of a potential contraction, as much as 75% of freelancers either earn the same or more than their traditional employers. The bottom line, freelancing, is on the rise, and it’s a great way to hone your skills, especially in this era of uncertainties.

5. Direct Service

There are a few ways to define the type of service you can offer, such as cleaning, shopping, driving, or running errands. The point is, these types of services have been in demand before the pandemic, and even more so today. If you choose to use this opportunity to make money, know that if done right, the potential is there to make a few grand each month, while helping to fill a need.


Whether you need extra cash or just interested in making extra money on the side, there are ways to make it happen without leaving your home. With the internet, a computer, free time and a solution-based mindset, you can make it happen. Take precautions, stay safe, social distance, and put in the work to create the process to earn the money you need.