Obsolete, the opposite of relevance, which is what you want to be. It means you see the possibilities of doing something a different way, of having a different perspective or approach.

Obsolete, Is there a secret to staying relevant?

Would it surprise you to know there are no secrets, only distinctive steps anyone must take to not feel as if they are being left behind? If you choose to take those necessary steps, your life will be relevant and transform into what you’ve worked towards. If you choose to do nothing, then you risk becoming irrelevant. In which case, your life changes. Most likely not for the good.

You can say life-changing and transformative are the same thing and you know what? You would be right. Do you know, though, when you are not right? When it comes to our mindset and our ability to adapt and change when we need to. This is the cornerstone of what it means to never feel obsolete.

Obsolete can be irrelevant and life changing

This happens when you have a mindset where you think that how you’ve done something, what you think of something, is the one and only way to think or do it. And here is the thing, if things are changing around you, whether by thought and action and you are still back there thinking that it’s your way or no way. Then guess what? You’ve got a problem. You are on the verge of becoming irrelevant. And also, your life is changing whether you realize it, and as I’ve already stated, it may not be for the good.


Here is the opposite, relevant and transformative.

I have a great analogy for this way of being. You are like a rubber band. You expand and twist and turn. With continuous flexing, you become just a little more supple, yet the shape remains. But because we stretched it a little, you can do more with it.

I hope you get my analogy. But if you don’t, let me explain it another way. To be relevant would mean you will learn, you will adjust when you need to and grow. To choose this approach, no matter what you face in life, can only transform your life for the better.

Learning, growing is all about adapting to better ways of doing and thinking. Relevance means you see the possibilities in doing something a different way, of having a different perspective or approach.

How do you know if you are irrelevant or obsolete?

Now, if you are not introspective or you still refuse to see the reality of how easy it is to become obsolete, you may ask how you even know if you’ve become irrelevant? Unknowingly going in a direction other than the one you would like to go.

Let’s ask that same question a different way: How do you know you are outdated or have an old school mentality to put it nicely?

 Here is an example: At a job, you know you fit in the on the verge of an irrelevant scenario if the responsibilities you used to have are no longer there. It’s just no longer a part of your job description if you work for a company. Possibly because someone else knows how to do it better or faster.

The six steps necessary for embracing change and not allow yourself to become obsolete?

1.   Acceptance

When you talk with someone who is stuck in the past or having a hard time accepting that there is a better, smarter way of doing or thinking about something, one of the first thing they will say is something to the effect of I remember when, or I’ve done it one way and. You can fill in the blank of what comes after the word and.

Acceptance is hard, I know. But it is so crucial. You must embrace something that feels uncomfortable. If you think about it, acceptance is like you have the support of someone you care about, whose opinion matters to you. You need to agree with yourself and your choices. Agree that what you are about to undertake is the right decision or choice. View acceptance as the support system you need to have in place to take the next step.

 2. Stop Using Eld Words

Eld means past and eld words are a set of words that represent the past or denote a state of mind that’s stuck in the past. Here are 10 of them. I’m sure you can think of a set of words similar to my unique label. Here are the ones that immediately come to mind for me:

1. When I?

2. I use to

3. It should

4. It’s too

5. It can’t

6. It will never

7. I’ve always done

8. Is it really

9. Why bother

10. I don’t know

The fact is, when the possibility of change presents itself, fear sometimes happens and words like these are usually the end-result.

3.   Stay present

There are so many reasons to focus on the here and now. Here are five to keep in mind:

1. Because being present helps increase your understanding of what’s happening and why it’s happening.

2. Being present also helps with the first step of acceptance.

3. Another reason is that you gain a better outlook on the situations that involve making decision that will help you stay relevant.

4. Yet another reason that goes with the previous reason is it will calm your fears.

5. And it helps tremendously with your eld words.


4. Challenge yourself

Another step to take that I’ve talked extensively about is to challenge yourself. I did an entire episode on challenging yourself. If you want to listen to it, it’s episode 20. In it, I mention the benefits of challenging yourself. Two of which are increasing your ability to grow and expanding and building your self-confidence. Yet another reason for challenging yourself is the benefit of expanding your personal power. I also published an entire episode on personal power as well, that’s episode 13.

 5. Face your fears

If you will reach beyond your fears, there are so many benefits to gain. Benefits that will help you feel relevant in all areas of your life. Consider that facing your fear will help you reach beyond your comfort zone, help you achieve your full potential, and increase your ability to be resilient.

You’ve probably guessed that I like to use analogies. I have a great one for fear. Fear is like being trapped behind a locked door. The door isn’t locked with a key, it’s locked with your mind. You try to open it, but no matter what you do, the lock won’t turn. One day, though, you realize that all you have to do is think that you want the door to open and the door opens. The mind is such an amazing thing. It can keep you behind that door, or it can open it wide for you. All you have to do is want it, and believe it.

 6. Be patient and kind

I know a lot of the times most people are resistant to accepting change because, deep down, they think they can’t do it. They can’t learn that new system or software at work, they can’t adapt a wholly different approach than what they’ve been doing for years. Instead of trying, instead of believing in themselves and their capabilities, they outwardly resist. They find excuses for why change shouldn’t happen. Some would even walk away other than allow themselves to experience a new opportunity. I want to say to those people, change your mindset, believe that you are incapable. Know that it’s okay that someone learns faster than you. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Embrace your uniqueness and stay relevant.

To Summarize

I hope this episode will help you realize everyone can stay relevant and never have to feel as if they are not moving with the flow, whatever that flow is, whether it’s technology, learning something new at work, doing things differently at home. We all can be flexible, to adjust when and if we need to. While it is easier for some, it’s certainly not just for a few. It’s for you too.

Episode Highlights

  • You are on the verge of becoming irrelevant or obsolete if things are changing and you remain the same.
  • To stay relevant means you will learn and adjust when needed.
  • Learning and growing are all about adapting to better ways of doing and thinking.
  • New ways that unfolds is usually because of technology.
  • For many of us, change is hard.
  • Acceptance is hard, but crucial to prevent becoming obsolete.
  • Eld means past, eld word are words that denote being stuck in the past.

Episode at a glance

1:46 -Are You Headed In The Right Direction?

3:00 – Irrelevant And Life-Changing

3:32 – Relevant And Transformative

5:35 – A Really Harsh Question

6:15 -Two Distinct Scenarios

11:29 – Acceptance

12:27 – Eld Words

13:29 – Stay Present

13:55 – Fears

14:04 – Challenge Yourself to not become obsolete

15:43 – Patience & Kindness

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Episode Reflection

 The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. – Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher