When you say you want to reinvent your life, you are saying there is something in your life you want to change. 

Oxford dictionary defines reinvent as changing something so much that it appears to be new. A secondary meaning is to take up a different way of life.

I like the secondary meaning because it is literally impossible to change so much that you totally forget what used to be. Also, do you really want to forget? Isn’t it better to remember where you were, so that you are less likely to return there unless that is what you want?

There is a reality to face, though, with wanting to reinvent your life. One reality? Realizing that saying you want to change something in your life, and actually changing it, are two separate things. A second reality? change is hard.

Hard though it may be, it’s not impossible. And that you can change your life if you wish is an attractive thought that actually starts with thoughts, a lot of thinking and reflecting.

Along with reflections, you will also need willpower. Because reinventing yourself is not a simple thing to do. It’s difficult to reflect on your life and be honest enough with yourself and admit what’s not going right in your life and finding the will to implement the things you’ve concluded need to be changed.

The reinvention of your life is a personal process that has a different interpretation or meaning for each of us. As it should be.

Still, there are general reasons you would want to reinvent your life.

For instance, you want a better career

Perhaps you are in a dead-end job. You don’t see a future, but like most people, you’ve become complacent. Your reinvention could be to change your career. It could be about going back to school hoping to get a better job.

It could mean changing habits

There are many habits that can affect your life. Negative habits, such as a poor diet or a smoking habit, are two that come to mind. It could also be about incorporating positive habits, such as exercising every day, or journaling. With habits, it really falls into the personable category and what’s happening in your life that you want to change.

Another Reason to consider is the need to live a gratifying life

In life, we all have a desire to feel fulfilled. To not just enjoy what you do, but to get satisfaction as well. If, at some point, reflection happens, you may realize you want more. You may also conclude that your life need to change to achieve a life that allows you to feel gratifying or as if you have a purpose and a need to live that purpose.

Reinvent Your Life With These Tips

Any change requires knowledge to make the right choice to achieve the results you want. These eight tips are about creating the foundation you need when implementing your efforts to reinvent your life.

Understand your values

The things you believe, what’s important to you in life is the start of reinventing yourself. If you are unsure of what’s important to you, what your standards and beliefs are. Then, it will be hard to understand what direction you want to go in life. Also, you won’t have a clue how to get the life you want.

Set achievable goals

You never want to set goals that are hard to achieve or will make you feel incapable of achieving the results you want. This happens when you set outlandish goals that were not achievable from the start. One way to make sure you set realistic goals is to create incremental goals. Large goals are achievable only if you break them into smaller, measurable goals.

Establish good habits

Habits can not only help you achieve your goals, they can also change your life. Forming good habits when trying to reinvent your life can help you achieve the change you want. Want to learn more about habits that can change your life? Listened to episode 12 of Evolving Life.

Live a life of intention

Living a life of intention to me means reflecting a lot on the progress of life. Maybe not every day, but as often as possible, ask yourself, how are things going? What is going right? What slight change do you need to make? The goal is to connect with your inner-self and gain a better understanding of where you are and where you are going.

Find the support you need

Many want to believe they have to travel the journey alone, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is no one is perfect, no one knows everything and never needs some sort of support. On your journey to reinvent your life, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for the support you need to redirect your life.

Surrounding yourself with motivators 

These are people who believe in you and won’t be selfish by telling you not to change, that you are perfect the way you are. If they listen, understand and support your effort to want to better yourself, to me that’s a motivator.

Embrace your discomfort

To put another way, get out of your comfort zone. We all love it there. The familiarity of knowing exactly what to expect is comforting. But if you ever want to change or reinvent your life, you have to do what’s not comfortable, unfamiliar, even a little scary. Just remember, at the end of that discomfort is the person you want to be.

Track your progress

If you’ve never journaled, this is a great time to start. Use a journal to document your journey, to highlight the progress and acknowledge the setbacks. A journal is also an excellent tool for sharing your thoughts throughout the process and will serve as a reminder of where you started and how far you’ve come.

To Summarize

A decision to reinvent your life is a choice base on where we are in life and how satisfied you are with how you perceive your life.

I also want to remind you it’s not a journey or a process that happens quickly. It involves reflecting and understanding yourself and what you want from life.

That is why the first tip I shared was understanding your values. Without having a clear understanding of who you are and where you see yourself in the future, you cannot truly change anything about your life. It’s only through looking inward that you will understand where you want your life to go.

Episode Highlights

  • Isn’t it better to remember where you were, so that you are less likely to return there?
  • Reinventing your life is not a simple thing to do.
  • It’s a process that has a different interpretation for each of us.
  • We all have a desire to be fulfilled in life.
  • Personal growth of any kind is not a 123 process.
  • A decision to reinvent your life is a choice based on where you are in life.

Episode at a glance

1:41 – When you say you want to reinvent your life, this is what you are saying
2:13 – Why 100% change is impossible
2:31 – The 2 reality to face when considering reinventing yourself
2:55 – The two major factors you need to change
3:27 – The general reason you would want to reinvent your life
5:02 – This is reinventing your life
7:30 – 8 Actionable tips to implement the change you want

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Episode Reflection

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be. – Marianne Williamson