5 Environmental Myths People Believe

Environmental Myths worth debunking. “GMA” spoke to several experts who work in fields surrounding the environment and environmental policy to find out what environmental myths people believe that need to be debunked, and what we can do instead.


Story at a glance:

Meat Alternatives

While eating these alternatives instead of mean is better for you, according to a study mention in the post, plant-based meats have a higher rate of energy consumptions compared to certain meats.

Plastic we are recycling

Did you know we must clean plastic before recycling? If we do not clean a peanut butter jar out, it won’t be reprocess and will end up in a landfill.

Electric Vehicles – Are they worth the investment?

Critics say no, because they run on electricity that is produced by fossil fuels. However, owning and driving an electric vehicle produces fewer carbon emission overall.

Solar Panels

Some say they are not reliable and not worth the investment. In reality, there are many advantages to solar energy that is worth the investment and cost savings is just one benefit.


They say that education is the passport to the future. Learning more about the environment and how your daily life impact it could not be greater right now. It’s imperative for young and old to engage as best they can and learn more about how our daily lives impact our planet. Start today to use knowledge to debunk myths that claim the things you can do to save our planet doesn’t matter. Ordinary people can contribute to saving our environment, and it starts with you. Click the link above to read the full article and remember April 20th is Earth day. Use the day to consider what you can do as an individual to affect our planet positively.