How To Flourish With Online Courses For Self-Growth

Flourish with online courses for self-growth. It’s quickly becoming the optimal way to develop skills, learn more about yourself and to just grow. To flourish with online courses, start with this great post by Rolling Stone online, titled: The Best Online Classes for personal development. The link to the post is above. It’s a worthy read that anyone on a path to personal development should peruse. The post highlights some classes you may already know about and some you may not. After reading the post, I realize there is one question self-development students may ask: Is online classes for self-development worth it?

With that question in mind, I searched online for statistics about e-learning. I wanted to know how many people were taking courses online and if it’s worth the investment of your time and money. Here is what I discovered.

To flourish with online courses, flexibility and cost was a factor

First, I made a personal decision. I decided you can’t determine the personal value of something without quantifying its potential, so that was my first search. The two apparent indicators I found were flexibility and cost. With flexibility, there is great freedom for juggling career and school. Because of online learning, It’s possible to earn an advance degree, while making a living. With cost, online learning is already cheaper than attending a local school, but then there are living cost advantages that were beneficial. Think of transportation; public or personal. If driving is your only option, then there is maintenance of a car, fees for parking the car, fuel for the car. Also consider the time you save commuting.

Personal value as a factor alone determines that e-learning is a right choice. However, here are a few statistics and facts to resolve why it’s worth taking online courses. Better yet, courses on self-development.


Statistics & Facts

  • Online learning is over 2 decades old
  • It’s projected that by 2025, online learning will reach $325 billion.
  • 60% of internet users say online courses are a better choice because it fits their lifestyle and schedules.
  • Expect the online learning industry to triple by 2025
  • Creating and providing online courses can consume 90% less energy and produce 86% less Co2 emissions per person than face-to-face learning. Reducing your carbon footprint is a substantial reason to want to use online learning.
  • Consider this, over 60% of US companies offer learning opportunities via smartphone technology
  • Online students learn 5 times more material for every hour of training than they do in face-to-face methods


Just a few facts, the obvious benefit of online learning is apparent. It’s useful for individuals who cannot not make it to an in person class. Think about our current pandemic. Because of COVID-19, online classes are even more valuable. Then there is its impact on business training. Although they do not focus on business training in this post, it is becoming to norm for businesses big and small.

The apparent benefits aside, let’s go back to the Rolling Stone Post. The below excerpt best exemplifies why using online courses to advance your self-development is a game-changer.


 Excerpt From Rolling Stone

Students of the school of life don’t need to enroll in obscure online universities and unaccredited diploma mills to level up on new skills. For the best online courses for personal development, there’s no shortage of expert-led, e-learning platforms geared towards helping you reach your potential. And if you’re planning on kicking of the year with more social distancing, why not fill your time with virtual lessons that can help you find a new career (or climb the ladder at your current one), improve romantic relationships, and other aspects of your life?

These days, you can soak up knowledge from the likes of David Lynch, Anna Wintour, professors from the Berklee College of Music, respected authors and thought leaders, and other industry insiders and heavyweights. Most (if not all) of these platforms are also compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Microsoft devices, so you can stream video lessons and download content to your phone or computer. That they feature pre-recorded classes means you can pick up from where you left off anywhere — and at any time. Many instructors also provide supplemental worksheets and other materials, and some companies also allow you to download videos or watch content when you’re offline…

You can read the full post here.

What courses have you taken for self-growth? Share with our community.