Random act of kindness helps us see the good in ourselves and others.

Random acts of kindness happens in many ways. Here are a few to consider. Have you ever stand behind someone at a pastry shop, or a Starbucks and when it was your turn to order, the sales clerk tells you someone paid your order?

Or what about this one. It snowed, and you know you have to get up and shovel the snow? You get dress and look out the window to access the amount of snow you need to shovel and notice it’s already done.

Random acts of kindness are as uncommon as it is common. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it astonishes you. Depending on where your mind is at the moment it happens, you will either feel absolute joy and or feel a spiritual connection with god because you needed that moment of kindness and feel as if someone or god himself was looking out for you.

Why would you want to initiate random acts of kindness?

1. It makes you feel good

There is the physical aspect of feeling good that involves the dopamine and serotonin levels increasing in the body because of the positive act. However, i think the act of knowing that you’ve done something for someone, regardless of your circumstances, affects you, the giver in a way that can only described as satisfaction. That experience of feeling as if it’s something you should do. That It just feels right.

2. It increases the quality of your life

Some may say it’s building relationships. But, I think the selfless act changes you. When you are willing to give when you don’t have to, or because no one asked you to, it’s not only an incredible feeling, but it’s also realizing that when you give, you receive. What you get back may not be money, or some tangible thing, but believe me when I say it comes back to you in so many ways. Have you ever heard the saying, kindness begets kindness. It really isn’t just a saying.

3. Random Acts Of Kindness Helps You Connect With Your Purpose

Random acts can also help you find your purpose in life. I also believe that it figuratively opens the door to other possibilities and one of them is helping to know what your purpose is in life, to realize what some may define as a true calling.

4. Random acts of kindness affects your physical and mental health

Who would believe that being kind to others would lower stress levels, blood pressure, even decrease depression? It does, and it’s certainly a good way to support a healthier lifestyle.

The fact is, any random act of kindness helps us see the good in ourselves and others. While my experience centered on receiving money, (listen to the episode for the story,) it doesn’t have to be about that.

Other ways to carry out random acts of kindness

  • You can smile or offer a compliment to a stranger.
  • You can tip a server generously.
  • You can volunteer occasionally.
  • You can feed the poor–In fact, my mother lives in Jamaica, WI. She retired there after being a nurse in England most of her adult life. My mom is not wealthy, but every Saturday, she cooks extra food, pack them in disposable containers and goes to the poor section of where she lives and give out those meals.
  • Another way that I love? Bringing flowers or food to someone you know isn’t feeling well.

There are so many ways to show kindness. I definitely didn’t touch on all of them. However, it’s easy to think about and see the occasions in your life where random acts of kindness would make someone’s life better.

how can you get random acts of kindness wrong?

I know the quick and easy response to this topic is to say it doesn’t matter. If the receiver is desperate enough, he or she will accept the help, no matter what the help is.

What those who are offering help need to keep in mind is that the person needing the help isn’t less than because they are in need. The person in need is still a human being with emotions, and pride. Being in need doesn’t change that. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when offering kindness, especially to those the giver knows.

  • Be kind. Don’t offer your begrudgingly.
  • Be careful how you offer help, if that’s the goal.
  • Don’t judge – Put yourself in that person’s situation.
  • Never say never–Which if you think about it, it’s the same as judging.
  • Don’t condemn or assume–unless you know their story, don’t presume to understand what’s happening with them.
  • Be patient.

There is another side to getting it wrong to keep in mind. That’s using kindness as a crutch. Or feeling guilty because you have and others don’t, so you allow others to take advantage of you by making you feel uncaring or not sympathetic. Random acts of kindness are a beautiful, kindhearted thing to do. Allowing yourself or others to guilt you into being selfless defeat the purpose of giving randomly out of the kindness of your heart.

To Summarize

The one thing I hope you take from this episode is that kindness of any kind and any form can have a big impact on the life of the receiver and the giver. As I said, from the beginning, kindness is common and uncommon. You will always find those who are naturally kind, and it’s an innate part of who they are. The opposite can also be true. It’s easy to find those whose idea of kindness is worthy of shaking your head in disbelief. Luckily, there are more people who see kindness as a belief in humanity and faith.

Episode Highlights

  • A Personal story
  • Random acts of kindness is as uncommon as it is common.
  • Giving when you don’t have to is an incredible feeling.
  • Random acts of kindness doesn’t have to be about money.
  • Look for occasions in your life where a random act may help someone.
  • Always remember the person you are helping isn’t less than you.
  • Don’t use kindness to offset guilt.

Episode at a glance

  • 2:33 – A Personal Story
  • 5:47 – 4 Immediate Reasons Why You Should Practice Random Acts Of Kindness
  • 7:50 – Different Ways To Show Kindness
  • 10:53 – How Can You Get It Wrong
  • 11:25 – Points To Keep In Mind When Giving
  • 12:08 – Using Kindness To Offset Guilt

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Episode Reflection

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a roman stoic philosopher.