Your Food IQ Isn’t About Intellegence

Food IQ

Food IQ is about realizing we all have a tendency to choose certain foods. In between what we constitute as the average american diet, the junk foods we eat, the trips to Starbucks, or the ice cream we occasionally indulge in. The regular choices we make with food is what our food IQ assessment is about.

Can we change our food tendencies?

Absolutely, and it starts with realizing what type of foods we reach for subconsciously. Knowing what we choose without a second thought contributes to any effort we want to make down the road to change our eating pattern and establish a new one.

How to change our eating habits?

How we eat are often hard to change because eating patterns are established probably from the time we were children. Sometimes, in order to change, it may require a little discomfort and uncertainty. While we may certainly fall within one or two of the food types in this quiz, there are still patterns we’ve established that would require effort to change.

Common habits we tend to want to change

  • Binging
  • Snacking
  • Excess sugar or salt
  • Unhealthy food choices
  • Excessive social dining

Start with knowing your food type or your food IQ

Change or adjustment starts with knowing what your food tendencies are. Are you a carnivore? Or are your food choices plant-based? Start here by taking our food assessment and learn what your food inclinations are.


Take the quiz below and see how the foods you choose daily contributes to an overall diet.