Life changing daily habits. We strive every day to achieve our personal goals. We spend a lot of time trying to accomplish the things we know can make a difference in our lives, yet somehow we maintain habits that can negatively affect us. It’s time to incorporate life changing daily habits that can help us live a successful life.

Continue reading below to discover ten life changing daily habits that can make a difference in life. Whether we choose one or all, these habits can make a make a positive shift in life. If we focus on the tendencies we have to do things that don’t contribute to our goals, then what can we expect? The answer is simple. Chances are, we won’t accomplish what we want from life. But, if we choose to acknowledge and incorporate changes that will benefit our goals. Again, what can we expect? The answer is also simple. A better chance at achieving success.

With these habits, we can see results that are aligned with what we want to achieve. Also keep in mind, incorporating or excluding a habit isn’t a one-off process. It takes time, repetition, and the fortitude needed to see the changes we want.



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 1. Waking Up Early

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Read anything written about those who’ve achieve success and you learn that one of their habits is waking up early to start the day. We are, however, unique individuals and most of the time we choose to not do what others do, but what feels right to each of us. It’s fascinating to consider that there may be something to shifting to an early rise? Perhaps it’s worth finding out. If you decide to try, consider these benefits:

  • More productive
  • Better organized
  • Have a better outlook
  • Less stress
  • More energy

These are just a few of the advantages you can experience if you decide to make the shift from a late morning rise to an early one.

2. Put Yourself First

I recently heard self-care compared to being on a plane during an emergency. What will the Flight Attendants tell you to do in a moment of emergency? Do they tell you to make sure the person next to you gets the oxygen mask first? No, they tell you to put it on yourself first. I suppose an emergency on a plane is dire. It’s certainly a good example of the importance of taking care of yourself before you can help others.

 3. Finish What You Start

Ask yourself this question? What project or goal you recently started and abandon? If you are really honest with yourself, there will be at least one. The reality is we start a project or task often; we abandon them for myriads of reasons from it being too hard, to doubting our ability to finish. Isn’t it sad to know we commit to a project that we believed in, that we’ve put in a lot of hard work into, yet failed to follow through? Don’t let moments of doubt keep you from accomplishing important tasks.

4. Trusting Your Instincts

Our instincts are our ability to decide based on our experience and environment. The decisions we make are tied to our conscious and subconscious mind. Think of instinct as a database in which the mind stores information subconsciously. We use that database when our intuitive emotions are activated. Whether or not we are aware of it, our latent emotions provide insight into our past and present experiences. Those experiences are the foundation to the instinctual decisions we must sometimes make.

 5. Be Decisive

We decide, and then we change our mind. We make a choice and then decide it should be another. It’s amazing how many of us vacillate back and forth. It’s as if we are afraid to choose because we fear the end-result of the choices or decisions we make. Decide, stand by that decision, and be ready to adjust if necessary. That is the basis of living with intention and being decisive.

 6. Don’t Live In The Past

We all make mistakes; we are, after all, human. The issue isn’t the mistake itself, it’s how we choose to deal with the repercussion of the mistake. We can either accept that we are not perfect, and learn from the mistake. Or, we can choose the alternative, which is to wallow in self-pity and relive the mistake over and over in our mind. Choose the first option and remember mistakes are a chance to learn really valuable lessons. These lessons can strengthen us and make us more capable of handling the ebbs and flows of life.

7. Pay Attention To The Company You Keep

It’s hard to realize the people we associate with can affect the outcome of any intentions we have. Be forewarned they can. We are the sum of the company we keep. The people we choose to hang around with should have similar goals or intentions. They should motivate, not discourage. Supportive while being honest. If the people you spend your time with don’t have these characteristics, then perhaps it’s time you consider making new friends.

8. Nuture The Right Relationships

Besides being conscious of the friends you keep, you should also consider your influencers. These relationships are not similar to the friends you keep. These are individuals that can inspire you. The ones who themselves are already successful and whose advice and wisdom can help you achieve more. We all should have influencers or mentors, if for no other reason than to benefit from their insight and experience.

9. Don’t Procrastinate

It was Benjamin Franklin who said: “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” This is just another way of saying get off your butt- do what must be done. We are all guilty of using delay tactics as an excuse for not taking action. The reality is we choose delay because we fear the outcome, and we fear our abilities. Here is another reality. You will never know if you can do it, if you don’t just do it.

10. Sharpen The Saw

This definitely isn’t what it sounds like. Sharpening the saw is the things you do to enhance your mind, or as Franklin Covey says, preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have – You. Are you reading every day? Are you learning something new every day? We live in an age where the Internet, our smartphones and tablets have become our resource for the information we take in. Those sources are fine, but never hesitate to take a course, read an e-book, watch a video. We must do whatever it takes to learn as much as we can, especially about what we are trying to accomplish. It’s


There you have it, life changing daily habits

They can help us grow stronger, wiser and successful. Whether we incorporate one or all these habits, we can accomplish so much more. We have a greater opportunity for achieving the goals or objectives we set for ourselves.