Now What’s Holding You Back?

What have you done today to help you reach your goals tomorrow? An important question that if answered honestly, you would conclude, not much. It’s not surprising to learn how low the number of people who set and reach their goals is. In fact, it’s an unbelievable eight percent of us humans that actually achieve the goals we set. That’s a pretty low percentage when considering how many of us set goals we hope to achieve, yet never do. That eight percent reflects our inability to follow through, or let our goals drown in the activities of our daily lives.

Why are there so many that don’t achieve their goals? The answer is both obvious and important. Significant because knowing how to make our goals a priority, to focus on daily activities that can help us achieve our goals is relevant. Yet obvious because there is more to achieving a goal than what we do daily. In addition, we must realize and face obstacles head-on in order to remove roadblocks preventing us from reaching our goals.

One roadblock to consider is insecurities. When it’s said and done, one reason we hold ourselves back, have more to do with uncertainty than with the everyday activities. We use excuses to absolve ourselves from doing what we know is congruent with what we want to achieve. There are many excuses we contemplate that are both conscious and subconscious.

Below are attributes keeping us from reaching our goals.

Fear & Doubt

Imagine this scenario: You’re sitting at a desk, ready to take action, to do something towards turning your ideas into reality; suddenly you stop. Why? Because of doubt, which leads to questioning your abilities and skills. You Feel as if you are not talented enough, smart enough, and not capable of getting the job done. These pervasive thoughts are a part of what’s holding you back. I love this quote by Vincent Van Gogh “If you hear a voice within you saying you cannot paint, then by all means, paint, and the voice will be silenced.” That voice inside your head telling you, you’re not good enough, not talented enough? Silence it by doing exactly what it’s telling you, you can’t do.

Another way to deal with a negative mindset is to transform goals into smaller, actionable steps. This simple, yet powerful act can help to achieve your desired result. When you see your ideas transform into reality, you will forever silence negativity and doubt.

Lack of Motivation

Another major barrier preventing us from achieving our goals is a lack of motivation. When we lose the desire to take action, or when dominating fear controls the outcome, mediocrity usually takes hold. Just as relevant is the type of goals we set. Consider realistic versus unrealistic goals. When we set unrealistic goals, coupled with unrealistic expectations, the end-result will be depress motivation.

It’s time to achieve success!

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Restore motivation by setting realistic goals, by taking a proactive, incremental approach towards tackling goals. With better expectations, you can achieve solid results, you can offset fears and address other issues, such as those related to self-confidence.


Lack of Confidence

When you lack self-confidence, you lessen the ability to focus on the positive aspect of your competence and potential. Instead, you compare yourself with the abilities of others. Focusing on others’ abilities and not yours takes away the positive energy needed to fuel your own capabilities. There are other effects most people don’t consider that relate to low self-esteem. Consider being an extreme introvert, or hiding away from social situations, or being unwilling to try new things. Fact is, when we see ourselves in a negative light, we are less capable of handling life’s challenges.

An inability to see our true potential starts at an early age. Whether it’s a teacher, friends, siblings, or even the media. One, or all of them, can contribute to the negative or positive outlook we have on ourselves. Unfortunately, the negative ones are always the ones that permeate.

How do you find the confidence to get what you want? Lack of confidence may be because of what happened while growing up, but you can develop alternative ways of seeing yourself at any age. How you develop confidence can be as simple as:

  • Recognizing what you are good at
  • Being more assertive
  • Building positive relationships

Self-confidence isn’t something we are born with. It is, however, something we can develop and grow. While we can’t change the past, self-confidence is possible. Start with the three steps above; what you are good at, being assertive and building positive relationships can help to get what you want from life.


Complacency is the cornerstone of inaction, which eventually leads to stagnation. It’s so easy to be beguiled by inaction because of outer and inner distractions. Outer distractions such as social media, well-meaning friends, or even the computer, smart phone or iPad you are currently reading this post on. It’s easy to see how distraction and eventual inaction may happen. Then there are inner distractions. Think of the characteristics mentioned above. Eventually, fear, confidence issues are nothing but distraction preventing you from getting what you want, or accomplishing your goals.

With getting what you want, the goal is to prevent inertia and to know when you need to be proactive in your approach. The bottom line, be ready to spring into action by realizing there will come a time when you must stop planning and start doing.

There are many ways you can prevent getting what you want from life. The four listed above are just a few examples. Think about those who constantly seek approval from others, or those who blame others for their shortcoming. There are so many attributes that can prevent reaching your goals. The key is being perceptive, realizing when you are standing in your own way.

Do you remember having moments of inspiration? The times when great ideas create a sense of excitement? Holding on to that feeling, that momentum is hard, and using it to accomplish what you want is even harder. To stay inspired and motivated takes effort and focus. Everyday responsibilities and issues can easily you, so envelop your life. Don’t allow barriers of any kind to stop or hold you back from pursuing and meeting goals that will help to create the life you want.

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