Rituals are a powerful way to increase your chance to succeed. I recently listen to one of Anthony Robbins’ prolific speech on establishing rituals. According to him, our goals or intentions will not manifest if we don’t apply ourselves and form habits that will help to advance our efforts.

If you’ve never considered rituals as a part of a success strategy, you are not alone. Rituals are usually not what comes to mind when we are trying to apply ourselves towards a particular aim. 

The steps most of us follow usually comprise applying our values, being determined, and just plain hard work. To hear that we may have missed a key step may seem a little unsettling, but isn’t it better to understand that goals and rituals are connected? Also, you need one to accomplish the other.

What’s The Difference Between Rituals & Goals

Creating rituals involves deciding what we want to achieve, then implementing daily steps that will gradually lead to our objectives. The sentence you just read tells what the differences are. Rituals are the daily steps and goals are what you are trying to achieve. 

Let’s explain another way. Some may say rituals and goals sounds similar. Especially if you think of the SMART method when setting goals. However, they are not the same. As mentioned above, they share similarities, yet are different. Here is the difference.

When we set a goal, we are trying to achieve a particular result that we’ve envisioned. We know what outcome we want and commit to accomplishing it. However, a ritual is a behavior we repeatedly do until it’s a part of our consciousness. Let’s use waking up early to exercise as an example. You are not a morning person, so you set your alarm to go off at approximately 6:00 am every day. You repeatedly set that alarm until you can wake up at this set time effortlessly. In the above scenario, while the goal is to exercise, the ritual is what you are doing to make the goal happen.

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Why Are Rituals Powerful?


The power of this practice lies in its ability to connect emotionally with ourselves, what we do, and why we do it. It doesn’t involve luck or a set of beliefs, or as the image above says, genetics. It’s a representation of what’s important to the person performing the ritual. 

Another way to recognize the importance of rituals is to think of it in terms of habits. We all have them. Whether it’s the cup of coffee we reach for every morning, or biting our nails. When you think of rituals, think of it in terms of habits magnified. To better clarify, it’s important to realize a habit is something you do repeatedly for no other reason than the act itself. On the other hand, a ritual is done repeatedly as well, but on purpose. There is a system and a sequence of actions to this practice and that makes them powerful.

The Benefits of Rituals

The ultimate benefit of rituals is its effect on our well-being. When perform regularly, it’s telling our bodies and mind that we are ready to embrace the change, or aim we are trying to meet. Also, we are embracing what matters most and our internal power to make things happen. More specific benefits of rituals involve:

  • Growing from performing rituals
  • Rituals actually relieves stress 
  • Helps to embrace change
  • Improve self-discipline

How or when we perform rituals isn’t about a time of day, or being in a certain place. Still, it seems some of the most effective rituals happen in the morning. Here are five morning rituals to jumpstart your day. They certainly can contribute to anything you are trying to accomplish.

Wake up early 

It’s a common practice for CEOs, and those of influence. It’s also said that early risers get more done. With an early rise between 4:00am and 6:00 am, we start our day with intention. Using the opportunity to center our mind, to organize, and create more rituals can help us be more successful.

Focus on self-care

Before making a call, or checking e-mail, or charging into the day, consider focusing on self-care. Take the time to exercise, eat breakfast, and connect with your inner-self. The acts of self-care prepare you for your upcoming day physically as well as mentally.

Create and review goals

Successful people set and pursue their goals. They achieve them because they are constantly reviewing and analyzing their objectives. Rituals are an integral part of success. Start a ritual of reviewing goals every day. Ask yourself one relevant question daily: What can I do today to advance my intentions?

Map out the day 

Set aside time to chart your day. When to work on goals, or anything you know will require attention and can affect expected objectives. Early morning is an excellent time to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible. 

Create balance

Creating a balance in your personal and professional life can be one benefit of rituals. Balance is an important part of achieving success. Try not to focus on one area of your life over another, but on every aspect of your daily life. Balance your time and efforts professionally as well as personally. 

Rituals are powerful because they can change the trajectory of our lives. This practice has existed throughout the ages regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture. They motivate and propel us to change when we practice them. We can create rituals according to our needs, whether it’s achieving a goal, changing a sleeping pattern, or finding a soulmate. Use rituals to achieve your purpose, to motivate and reach the goals you set.