When Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a device that would change the world of communication, it excited the masses. The $499 iPhone with 4GB of storage was the beginning of how we communicate and how we focus on other aspects of our lives. The device was a mobile phone, a music player, and an Internet device. Dubbed a smart phone, it went on sale six months later, on June 29, 2007. As stated by Jobs, “The iPhone is revolutionary and a magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone.”  

We might fully agree with Jobs when he called the phone “revolutionary.” Because the release of the iPhone changed the aesthetics of mobile phones and how consumers use it. The original iPhone had limited features. Its most popular features were for talking and sending text messages (SMS). 

The famous quote, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” might not be accurate in today’s world of what we conceive as necessary. Because for Americans, necessity isn’t the norm. In fact, according to Stastica.com, In the United States, the average time spent on the phone, not counting talking, has increased drastically. Not but a year ago, the average person spends 4 hours and 30 minutes using their phone for reasons other than talking. That time is slowly increasing. By the end of 2024, the time will increase to 4 hours and 39 minutes.  

It is easy to believe today’s smart phones might be the reason. It may also cause many problems that exist today, from texting and driving to addiction to social media. But regardless of the mindless interactions, there are other benefits for this so-called “problem” It can improve your life. Let us look at some features the iPhone has that would make this possible.

1. The iPhone Helps with improving your health 

Iphone and Apple Health App

We all have heard the phrase “health is wealth.” So, let us start by looking at how the iPhone can improve health. The iPhone health app shares data that will make a difference in how you choose to monitor your health. It gathers, store and analyzes these data to help become more aware and take definitive steps to improve health. Acting as a centralized hub, you can synchronize the health app with other third-party apps. Using the data on the iPhone, individuals can get an even clearer view of their health. Visit apple’s health page to learn more about the many features of the health app. In the meantime, here are four features you may not know the health app can do. 

Mobility data 

The app benchmarks information such as your walking imbalance. It uses this information over time to calculate the probability of falling within a twelve-month period. 

Audio Levels 

If you have an iPad or watch, the app will use these devices to alert you of a change in audio levels. The iPhone can measure audio levels and inform you if you are in immediate danger of higher sound levels than normal. The health app stores this data to help you understand your listening habits. 

Sleep History 

Create sleep goals using the app and it will share data with you about your sleep pattern and habits. It will tell you how long it took to fall asleep and how long you stayed asleep. 

Model iOS 16 and greater allows management and understanding of medications. It can also invite loved ones to share health information and see sleep data. This can also provide valuable pieces of information for healthcare providers.  

2. The iPhone helps with Habit Tracking 

iPhone and Habit Tracking Apps
Consider that there isn’t an ideal time for creating good habits and eliminating bad ones. However, the right time can be now with the help of an iPhone. There are many habit trackers available online and in the iPhone app store that may be helpful in achieving the goal of creating better habits. However, with an iPhone, you can use some of the best apps available to help you achieve better habits. Here are a few of them: 

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Today’s Habit Tracker

habit tracking on the iPhone
An app that looks different from other boring habit trackers. With this app, you can add full-screen photo covers for each habit. Imagine adding photos that can motivate you to achieve good habits. You can choose from the photos provided in the app or use your own from your phone’s gallery. 

You can also create your very own dashboard of cards, with milestones, streaks, health charts, and more, as needed. 

Today Habit Tracker is free to use with limited access. To unlock customizable features, there is an in-app cost. The cost is $9.99 annually, or 3.99 monthly. Learn more here.


Streaks on the iPhone
A simple app that helps you stay on track while breaking away from bad habits. Its visual style is eye-catching & also very intuitive. It also connects to the health app automatically fetching your data for steps, heart rate, exercise, and more. 

Although it is a paid app, you do not have to worry about any monthly or yearly subscription plans. Pay a small fee of $4.99 once and unlock the full potential of the app. Learn more here.



Productive Habit Tracker

Productive on the iPhone
The app states it helps to build positive, life-changing habits. Its goal is to help you set and track your goals towards achieving better habits. The app also offers features such as challenges and knowledge-based articles to help understand what you are trying to achieve. It has a dynamic interface that is easy to use so you can focus on steps to achieving your goals. 

The app is free to download, with a 7-day free trial. After the trial, the monthly cost is $6.99. Download here.


3. The iPhone Offers Hassle-free connection

hassle free connection with the iPhone

The iPhone iMessage and FaceTime features are an alternative for many of the socialization apps used today. Does the idea of using multiple app to communicate sound unappealing? When we use different apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook to communicate socially, it seems daunting. Then you have a simpler alternative with the connection features of an iPhone.  

IMessage and FaceTime offer a wide range of features to share photos, videos, chat and connect face-to-face. Instead of constantly checking for updates from friends and family on other social apps, you can get direct access to them via your phone. 

4. Entertainment Learning and the Written Word with an iPhone

Entertain, and Read on the iPhone
One of the best features available on an iPhone is the ability to entertain yourself on the go. Imagine being on a train and watching the next episode of your favorite series. What about the ability to listen to a podcast on changing unhealthy habits or myriads of other topics? Then there are books. There was a time when you had to walk with a bulky book by your favorite author. Today all you need is your phone and an app such as the one that comes with your iPhone – Apple Books.  

5. Everything in One Place with an iPhone

Everything in one place on the iPhone
One of the best features resulting from a smartphone and an iPhone is the ability to not have to carry certain cards with you. Depending on who you bank with, you can use your iPhone to pay for most things. In addition, gone are the days of walking around with membership and discount cards from different retailers. Now those same cards can be in your apple wallet ready to scan. Your IDs are also on the verge of being added to the wallet. While all states do not currently have this feature yet. It will not be long before we no longer need to walk with the required ID’s needed to prove identity. Already, insurance companies have made it possible to show proof of insurance on your phone if you drive. 

6. Click pictures like a pro

the iPhone Camera
Are you passionate about photography? Having an iPhone is all you need to get those perfect pics. Today’s iPhone is comparable to the digital cameras we used to buy just a decade ago. With every new model released by Apple, the ability to take professional photos is not just easier, but a mainstay amongst the masses. In fact, the digital cameras of yesterday did not have some features available on today’s iPhone. For instance, you would need an expensive camera and the use of graphic softwares to accomplish tasks such as blurred background, or red eye removal. 

 If you want to improve your photography skills, you can read this article. 


Let us not blame technology for the distraction-filled lives we create. In the palm of your hand, is the type of tech and innovation you can take advantage of to improve certain parts of your life. For instance, the idea of having a book in hand to read is not replaceable. But it is nice to know that I can have that same book to continue to read in the palm of my hand if I am on a train or during any down time. Here is something else to consider; let us not forget a time when you needed to make an appointment with your doctor if you wanted to know the results of certain tests such as a blood test.

Thanks to smart phones and Apple’s iPhone, you can have the results right in your hands, just days after the test. Sure, you still need that appointment, but isn’t it nice to see that your cholesterol is normal, and you do not need to wait weeks to know the results?