The Podcast Rave

The podcast rave has become a mainstay. People as a whole love listening, and taking advantage of this self-development tool.  In fact, globally, there are over 2 million podcasts and 48 million episodes. In America, 75% of the population is familiar with the term “podcasting.” 55% listen to at least one podcast and at least 37% says they listen to at least one a month. It’s easy to see there is a podcast rave happening globally.

Why do we love active listening? It has a lot to do with our brains. A complex organ that is constantly decoding different messages and consuming information, activating our mesolimbic pathway and releasing dopamine throughout our brain. Dopamine, also known as the “Feel good” chemical, handles the pleasure center of our brain.

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How Does Active Listening Benefit Us?

Studies show that audio listeners can trigger mental imagery more intensely than watching tv, or reading a book. When you listen to a podcast, you can focus more on what is being said, use your imagination and build imagery in the mind while listening. 

The podcast rave isn’t just about active listening. It’s also a conduit for learning new things. Because of its portability, you can listen on the go. Whether you are on a train, jogging, or walking your dog. This is a great way to consume new content. Whether it’s learning new languages or topics that can motivate and inspire you.

Other Reasons There Is A Podcast Rave

It Is An On-Demand Technology

You decide what you want to listen to. Episodes of every topic are available to the user as needed. With podcasting, this means if a subscriber subscribing to one, chances are, they are also getting the same information from another.


Once a subscriber subscribes, the episodes are available for consumption at the subscriber convenience.

Authentic Engagement

Podcast are created by people who’ve experienced some form of success. Also, they are willing to share their experience and offer knowledge and suggestions that can positively affect the listener’s life. These creators can motivate you by giving you the push needed to advance a goal or objective.

They Are Mostly Free

Unlike audiobooks, podcast are available to download for free. It’s surprising that there isn’t a system in place to at least ask for an email address, but it is probably only a matter of time before we will have to at least share an email address to listen. Still, today you can download or stream them anytime and listen leisurely.

Great Alternative To Books

Although there is nothing like relaxing and reading, audiobooks and now podcast are an excellent alternative. Learning structurally is not for everyone and learning by osmosis, or gradually and unconsciously assimilating ideas and knowledge, is more appealing. Podcasts allow you to learn in this manner and for some this form of learning would be a better experience than the alternative.

The Motivational Factor

Many of us need to be motivated to achieve our goals and podcasts is an excellent tool for this very purpose. We all sometimes need a boost or a push. We procrastinate, doubt our decisions, and sometimes just feel overwhelmed by our goals and not achieving them fast enough. The right one can get you through these moments and more. In fact, the list below, while on a wide variety of subjects, have one thing in common, they want to motivate you.

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Our Recommendations

Optimal Living Daily

The Podcast Rave

If you are someone who is always on the go, this productivity podcast is perfect for you. Justin Malik, the show’s host, gives 10-minute lessons on how to improve a specific area of your life. 

Every day, the host narrates hand-picked topics on subjects relating to personal growth, mindfulness, and minimalism. Each day, he focuses on a different theme, such as efficiency, nutrition, mental health, and a variety of other subjects. You can get a regular dose of inspiration and motivation when listening to this podcast. 

The School Of Greatness

The Podcast Rave

Lewis Howes, host of The School of Greatness, will give you everything you need, and then some. Whether you’re stuck in a growth rut or just need a little motivation, this podcast can help advance your efforts.

Howes shares stories on overcoming defeat, dreaming big, being a champion, attracting money, and setting yourself up for success. He focuses on topics base on his own experiences and interview like-minded successful people, hoping to help you regain a sense of purpose.


The Podcast Rave

As the name implies, Emily Abbate depicts people coping with life’s challenges and issues the same way we do. She focuses on how they integrate wellness into their everyday lives as a stress and anxiety reducer.

This podcast is one of the best because of Emily Abbate’s rare ability to keep things real while moving forward, which is not always easy to do these days.

The Mindvalley Podcast


The Podcast Rave

Mindvalley is an online personal development network that could help you live an extraordinarily, satisfying and joyful life. Their purpose is to unleash the potential of the mind, body and spirit. They want to help you identify what’s important in life. One of their tools is The Mindvalley podcast. Their podcast brings together the brightest minds to explore innovative ideas in personal development for the mind, body, spirit, and workplace.

The Tony Robbins Podcast

The Podcast Rave

Are you searching for ways to achieve lasting and real happiness in all areas of your life? The Tony Robbins Podcast may be the solution.

They conducted this podcast in an interview format. Guests are well-known figures and experts from various fields and industries. The goal is to assist you in realizing your full potential. 

He shows you how to achieve your objectives, whether it’s improving relationships, achieving greater career objectives, asset accumulation, or health and wellness. His approach to business and relationships is like an adrenaline shot. It awakens every part of your life and gives you the boost needed to move forward with your intentions.

To Conclude…

Whether your goal is happiness and well-being, productivity, better habit formation, or financial improvement. Podcast can be a tool to achieve your purpose. The benefits are many and the options or not limited if you choose to take advantage of this transformative tool. 

Grab a pair of headphones, download the app, crank up the volume and join the podcast rave. Let this tool transform your life for the better.

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