How To Make Today And Every day A Better Day

How To Make Today And Every day A Better Day shouldn’t be a hard question to answer, but it is for most of us. If you read the conventional posts on the web, they all share typical ways to improve the day. Thoughts such as exercising first thing in the morning, helping others that are less fortunate, or spending more time with loved ones. The suggestions are endless. None of these ideas are not wrong. In fact, we feel more capable when we follow some examples they suggest.

Whether we realize it, there is a construct to having continuous days we consider good. If we can’t merge this system with our need to have days that are happy, then it’s hard to make any day, let alone every day, a better day.

As great as the suggestions are on the web on having good days, there is also another thought most don’t consider. These ideas innately have little to do with why most don’t have days where smiling is easy. Before mentioning why having a good day has little to do with repetitive tasks, let’s contemplate why we would want to have a good day, every day.

Why Having a Good Day, Every Day Is Important To Us

Every new day is an opportunity to not just start anew, but the chance to relish life and what it offers. We also want to have days we consider good because it is an obvious reflection of our frame of mind. After all, isn’t it true our mind is connected to every aspect of our lives? People who are sad and depressed don’t consider any part of their day to be good. In that regard, people who are jovial find a reason to not just be happy, but to express their happiness. Why would we want to not fall into the latter category? Here are a few benefits to reap from being happy and showing it throughout the day.

We feel Purposeful

When we feel as if our day is positive, every act has meaning. Whether helping someone cross a street, or just saying hello to a lonely neighbor.

Our Confidence Soars

We handle our problems with more ease and with faith when we are not sad or feel overwhelm by problems.

Better able to Anticipate

When we are happy, we look forward to what life offers. This feeling of hope and excitement happens when we feel more at peace with ourselves.

More Focus

We are clear about our intentions when we are less frustrated and can handle issues with ease. This is when we feel centered and can make rational decisions.

Less Counterproductive

It’s so easy to be idle when unhappy. It’s just as easy to feel ineffective, even if we’ve accomplished a lot in a day. When we are sad, it doesn’t matter how much we get done, it will never be enough.

Less introverted

Unhappiness just seems to go hand-in-hand with wanting to repress. When we are unhappy, we want to disconnect from the world. When we are happy, we want to share it. It’s contagious.

Why would happy have less to do with habits or tasks?

Conventional wisdom offers that forming certain habits will contribute to us having a better day. Unfortunately, no amount of waking up early, going for a jog each morning, is going to make us have a good day if our mindset is not in the right place. Sure, if we want to have a good day, and be happy, the dopamine from running a few miles will contribute to our efforts and make us feel great afterwards. But, it comes back to a post published here about happiness. In the post, it says, happiness depends on ourselves. We can also say this for those wishing to have good days, every day.

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How do we ensure being happy every day?


Definitely keep in mind the advice offered that scientifically shows certain habits or tasks can contribute to our efforts to be happy. In addition, it’s important to keep other factors in mind that can certainly affect our outlook. For many of us, when we tell ourselves, “Today is going to be a good day,” we don’t consider the elements that may help or hinder our efforts. Yes, go for that jog, meditate, have a better work-life balance, and remember these five factors that surely will contribute to how we view our day, every day.

1. Circle of influence

Those we consider friends, even some family members, can affect us negatively. We can’t choose our family members, but we can choose our friends. Be Leary of those who are negative, who can easily bring a shadow over the day with just a few words. We know these people, family and friends alike. A good day can depend on whether we choose to avoid the negative family members and make new friends who positively affect our efforts.

2. Negative thoughts

Change your thoughts, change your life, a book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, based on the principles of the Tao. It’s a simple concept for transforming mindset my interrupting thought patterns that can negatively affect life. Negative thinking certainly falls into a pattern that can affect our lives.

3. Live in the moment

There are a few ways we don’t stay in the moment. One reason is due to regret. We spend so much time thinking of what could have happened, should have happened, and not what’s happening right now. Then there are the thoughts we have about tomorrow and events that didn’t happen yet.

When we focus on what’s already happened, or fantasize about what may happen, we embrace fears and worries. It’s impossible to have a decent day if the focus is on anxiety because of yesterday or tomorrow and not on the here and now.

4. Practice Gratitude

One of the hardest things for some of us to realize is that someone, somewhere, is having a tougher life. This is especially true when we are sad about issues in our lives that we feel are beyond our control. But as hard as things may seem, remembering the above is key. Gratitude is a positive emotion that makes the goodness in life more transparent. We should always remember things could be worse.

5. Examine What Success Means

Depending on our upbringing, success has an intrinsic meaning. A certain job, making a certain amount of money. It could also be about things, such as having a house, the right car. The list and success meanings vary for each of us. Possession does little to ensure our happiness.

When we focus on things and events in our lives and not on happiness itself, there is little chance to realize being happy is an achievement. If we can laugh and smile every day, we are successful.


We all strive to have more good days than bad. As life would have it, we don’t always achieve our wishes. Most of the time, falling short has more to do with our own deep-rooted issues we need to come to terms with. The reality is life isn’t a movie script. We can’t write the beginning, the middle and the end because we simply don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Still, if we remember the five factors above along with why we would want to have good days over bad, then perhaps it would be possible to fulfill our wish.