The Apple Watch, Your Path To A Healthier You

Can you remember when a watch serves only two purposes? To Tell the time and date. These days, owning a Rolex, or a Patek Philippe, is considered a status symbol. However, owning a smartwatch may have more value than the exorbitant expense of the typical expensive timepieces we are familiar with. Thanks to the creation of the smartwatch.

What Is A Smartwatch?

Wearable technology similar to the typical watch. There was a time when smartwatches only performed basic functions. Its key features were calculations and digital time-telling. After 2010, the watch evolved to function similarly to a smartphone.

With Smartwatches, You Have a Choice

These days, the popularity of high-tech timepieces, and most wearable technologies, is invaluable. For a small investment, you have alternatives that exceed the initial usefulness of a typical watch.

Most of us want a watch that does more than tell time, and today you have a choice. One of the best alternative is the Apple watch. Not that other alternatives aren’t just as good. They are. However, the apple brand is the optimal choice. Continue reading below to discover its many features.

When considering smartwatches, there are alternatives. The Samsung Series, Fitbit, Skagen Falster, and a few others that’s worth considering. But again, the one that stands up to the alternatives is really worthy of your consideration.

Why The Apple Watch?

It’s understandable if you are a little skeptical if trying to decide whether it’s worth the investment of owning a smartwatch or, in this case, the Apple Watch. The skeptics will question the expenditure and will wonder if it’s worth the few hundred dollars for a watch that only sits on your wrist. What these skeptics may not realize is that smartwatches are not just for display or telling time. Gone are the days of showmanship with a watch. By choice, you can replace the typical watch with a smartwatch that can affect your life in ways that are unexpected.

How Will A Smartwatch Impact Your Life

The revolution of wearable technology like the Apple Watch is changing the lives of its wearer. Smartwatches allow us to take charge of our physical and mental health right from our wrist by being proactive in how we choose to take care of ourselves.

When considering your health, imagine being able to monitor your heart, your sleep habits and physical activities. A patient may have access to their physical record right on their wrist and be able to share it with a healthcare practitioner when needed. The value of improving doctor-patient relationship by sharing pertinent information when needed can affect your health dynamically.

It’s not just more transparency with doctors and their patient that’s invaluable. Imagine being told you have a physical condition such as high blood pressure and a watch that can monitor your pressure. Another advantage is the various applications you can use to support your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.

Back To Why The Apple Watch?

Now that you know how smartwatches can impact your life. Let’s delve into some features of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch

1. It Motivates You To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Whether you choose to run five miles a day or simply follow your daily routine. The Apple Watch activity monitor app shares information with you as you progress through the day. The Activity monitoring app displays three rings:

A blue ring – which relates to standing. It shows how many times in the day you’ve stood and move for at least one minute per hour.

A red ring – This ring is for movement. It shows how many calories you’ve burned from moving as the day progress.

A green ring – Represents activity. It shows how many minutes of activity you’ve performed throughout the day.

The Apple Watch

2. Personalized Healthcare Data

With Apples Health App, you can connect your doctors and the hospital they are affiliated with and receive pertinent healthcare information about your

health. Let’s say you had a colonoscopy. Once the result of your test is available, it is also available to you to review as well. Not only will you have access to your doctor, you will also have immediate access to the results of your care and tests. Having access to results of your test is invaluable and allows you to be more proactive in your healthcare.

Personalized data isn’t the only benefit of this app. With the health app, you can track your diet, physical activity and sleeping pattern, to name a few. This app contributes to the transparency of your overall health with healthcare practitioners and with yourself.

3. Use Your Watch to Increase Focus
The Apple Watch

With the latest release of iOS 15, you can reduce distractions and focus on being in the moment. It allows only notifications you want to receive and block those unrelated to your objectives.

4. Fitness On Your Wrist
The Apple Watch

Regardless of your fitness level, or your choice of physical activity, the Apple Watch can track your exercise sessions and share stats in real time. Whether it’s distance, elapse workout time, pace, heart rate, or calories burn.

With the workout app, you can manually start a workout session. There are 12 different options to choose from that you can start manually. Some of them are running, walking, hiking, yoga.

5. A Feature Just For Women
The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch offers cycle tracking. With this feature, women can track their menstrual cycle, log their symptoms and even their ovulation schedule.

The Apple Watch

6. Us Your Apple Watch To Protect Your Hearing

Many factors contribute to hearing loss. Most of us are unaware of how surrounding sounds affect our hearing. With the noise app, you can monitor ambient noise around you. If the dial on your radio, or wireless speaker, is too high, your watch will inform you of the potential danger to your hearing.

7. Monitor Your Heart Health
The Apple Watch

Since the series 1, apple watches can monitor your heart rate. Each watch has a sensor on the back that performs this crucial function. Want an on demand reading? Simply open the heart rate app and you will get one. The watch monitors your heart throughout the day to get the average resting and walking rate.

One of the newest feature of the Apple Watch is its ability to take an EKG also known as ECG of your heart. On the back of the watch are electrodes, as well as in the watch digital crown. Press the crown while the watch is attached to your wrist and the watch will measure the heart’s electrical pulses. It will then report if the heart is in a normal sinus rhythm, or is experiencing atrial fibrillation. Tell your doctor about an Afib result because it is an abnormal heart rhythm that can cause life-threatening results, such as stroke or heart failure.

The Apple Watch

8. Fall Detection For Older Adults

Starting with the series 4, the watch allows older adults or those with mobility limitations, to detect falls. The watch call for help if you can’t get up. It will sound an alarm, tap wrist, and to ask if okay. If no response or movement after a minute, the watch sounds another alarm, then starts a thirty-second countdown, then calls emergency services and sends a message to your designated contact.

9. Relax With Apple’s Breathing App
The Apple Watch

Boost relaxation by taking advantage of the breathing app. Studies show reducing the brain’s DMN activity impacts depression and stress positively. Almost all of us take our breathing for granted. The fact is, how we breathe matters. Two of the many benefits of correct breathing are reduction of stress and enhance concentration. When you purchase an Apple Watch, Apple configured the breathing app by default. It prompts you to focus on breathing for one minute every four hours. Each session comprises seven breaths. You can configure the breathing frequency to your specification if you wish.

The Apple Watch

10. Sleep Tracking

The Apple Watch is currently not designed for sleep tracking. Still, you can use it to track your sleep with the use of a third party app. While there are many apps available for tracking sleep, one of the best is Withing’s Health Mate app used with their sleep tracking mat. Download their app and invest in the sleep mat and you will have on your wrist the ability to see your sleep patterns.

Is The Apple Watch Worth The Investment?

While its esthetics are certainly appealing. It’s also an excellent choice because of its ability to help you proactively take control of your health. A decision to buy the watch for most likely won’t center on the health benefits, but on the desire to own one of the latest fad. We can consider it a beautiful and desirable tech that looks cool, enables us to pay for things with a click and a turn of a wrist. Still, there are other advantages that outweigh the superficial ones. The ten above is the most obvious. There are other benefits and features to consider if you are debating owning an Apple Watch. Learn more from the maker of the watch by visiting their website. The choice to own an Apple Watch, yet another great tool from Apple, can be life changing.